On discipline … (Spiritual discipline part 3)

Discipline, it is such a sullied word. In todays language it carries a negative tone, a tone of forbidding, joystealing, punishing character.

As a martial artist I have a different view of the word. Through many long years of training I have come to realize that discipline is the only way to master an art. I must discipline myself to power through repetitive exercises in order to excel, I also must discipline myself to work through painful exercises in order to condition my body and spirit for the reality of the fight.

As a soldier of the cross I must do the same, I must discipline myself to prevail in the battle (1 Cor 9:27). It is not something i do grudgingly but something I enjoy (even though it might be hard work or even painful at times) because I know that the rewards are great (Hebrews 12:11).

Discipline also has another meaning to me and it is primarily this meaning I would like to be the focus of this series of articles, namely discipline as an artform or a way among many. In martial arts we talk about the different arts as disciplines and in Schola Saint George we have the different weapon disciplines or artforms.

In the same way the Christian life has different artforms or different paths in which we may experience a deeper relationship with God.

This is the journey I invite you to share with me, exploring the immense depth, width and breadth of God.

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