The king of rock, they say lived
The king of lizards is surely dead,
The King of Kings bled.

-Audio Adrenaline, I am not the king

We are watching the first season of Rome and while it is vile in that it very graphicaly portrays the sexual perversion and the pgan worship of the time, Hanna made a very astute comment as we where watching one extremely bloody episode.

As Caesars face was smeared with blod by the pontiff, Hanna said, They where so pagan but they would have truly understood the significance of the blood of Jesus. In our modern clinical society, we live so far from the realities of life. We have brushed , blodd, injury, sicknes and death under the carpet so we do not have to see or think about it. This is why talk of Jesus blood is so utterly disturbing in todays society, while in the historic time of Jesus it was a natural part of everyday life.

While some churches try to tone down the blood we in the salvation army are so wrapped up in the symbolism of the blood that any attempt to get away from it would be futile, and thank God for that!

We need to keep talking about the blood of Jesus, while maybe culturally irrelevant, it is spiritually crucial! Lets bring out our songbooks and find those oldies, There is power, power wonderworking power in the blood of the Lamb! or What can make me whole agaian? nothing but the blood of Jesus!

Blood and Fire that is what we are about, let’s never forget it!


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Rome är fantastisk att se! Den ger en sådan förståelse på så många nivåer över hur Bibelns huvudpersoner reagerade och varför. Fantastiskt! Härligt att läsa din betraktelse också!

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