Reading through the encyclical letter of Benedictus PP XVI that was Brought to my attention by my good friend Björn. It is very long and deep and I will probably come back to this letter in later posts, it takes more than one read for a simple man like me.

I do however agree with most things being said and while I find it curious that a Catholic Pope would talk about Eros and Sex having had no experience with the good side of Eros himself (and due to his vows if he does indeed have the experience it would not be the pure form of Eros that he is talking about), I do agree and find I must recant parts of my last post on Love.

As I read my last post I see that I almost imply that Eros is the lowest form of Love and a sinful one at that. I do not mean that and I agree with the Pope on this. There is a pure form of Eros, a Divinly inspired, holy form of Eros that is created by God to be enjoyed by a married man and woman.

I also agree that it has been the sin of the church to make Sex and by that Eros look like a bad thing. We need to reclaim sex. We need to reclaim the sanctity and purity of Eros!

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Björn F

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Matt 22:37-40 ftw.

Looking forward to see you again my friend. My intuition tells me there will be much conversation, a lot of catching up and a lot of questions. 🙂 It’s been what… ten years, or more?

And on the topic above: I believe that the purity of this Eros, this love, which is one of three aspects of perfect love God has for us all, this purity can be true and noble when a man loves a woman and in faithfulness and total trust dares to lay his faith in her, his trust in her – an she will do the same to him… then he will have learned that to love is to serve. To love your students is to serve. To love your children is to serve them. And to love God is to serve Him.

Late night rambling thoughts… possibly making very little sense 🙂

I’ll try to contact you soon to make hotel arrangements, need to get those sorted out soon. Sleep well and blessings to you and your family.

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