I got this sent to me on The Curia1 mailing list and I thought I’d share it. It is a fantastic prayer, aparently prayed by a templar knight before a battle in the holy land.

Almighty God, Eternal Father, Lord of Lords, have mercy upon me, a
humble knight in Thy Divine Service. Oh Lord, I pray for Thy
indulgence and blessings. Forget not Thine servant in his trials, nor
his Order of Knighthood. I pray, that Thy Will be done in all things,
both great and small.

Let me always be worthy of Thee, let me not forget Thee in good times
nor bad. Armor me with the armor of Thy Righteousness, give me the
sword of Truth that I shall confound Thine enemies and be unto Thee a
true knight.

O Lord, in my hour of need, be with me. Let me never forget my sacred
and holy vows unto Thee, that I should not be prey unto demons and devils nor the dark things of this world.

Let me always be a beacon unto those in distress, never allow me to
forget my obligation unto the homeless nor the poor: let me serve Thee
and Thine Eternal Throne all the days of my life. Let me always
remember the obligations that I have taken upon me. Lord, if it is
Thine Will, let me serve Thee forever!

If ever, oh Lord, I turn from Thee and this Order, let my name forever
be cursed, may my spurs be broken and my body given unto demons to
dwell with them forever in that Lake of Fire which Thou hast: prepared
for the ungodly.

Power beyond Power, Pillar of Strength, Refuge of the Homeless, let me
serve Thee for all the days of my life! Amen.

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