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The similarities between Christianity and open source

Being a full time missionary and a certified Linux proffessional I cannot help but watch how similar these two areas of my life are.

The passion and sacrificial nature of the followers and the resistance of the world

Both communities …

  • …Are run by a mish mash of volonteers and large companies (denominations).
  • …Have highly self motivated volonteers who are giving up on their free time to promote the ideas the communities stand for.
  • …Prozelyze, that is both communities try to spread their ideas to others.
  • …Believe that their ideas are good news.
  • …Battle sceptisizm and biased dissmissals on a daily basis.
  • …Go against the trend of the capitalistic society.
  • …Are told there is no such thing as a free lunch, when presenting the good news

I could go on forever making the list really long. What is interesting though is that the two communities one very modern and one very old are dealing with the problems in exactly the same way. Both communities try to remake their language to be less threatening, in church we call it seeker friendly in the Open Source community we ditched free software and political language about human rights and freedoms.

And while that has gained both camps popularity I believe both camps have lost something….

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