It is strange and almost humorous to watch Christer Sturmark argue against religious beliefs trying to sell the secular society as the only viable future of the world.

In todays article in expressen Sturmark attacks  religous beliefs with what can only be likened to a religious frenzy as he explains that humanistic values are the salvation for our society that has been opressed by religion for far to long.

I cannot help but wonder what country Christer Sturmark lives in seeing that the religious opression in Sweden that he is fighting consists mainly of a minister on Gotland running a school church liked by Christian, muslim and atheist alike (oh except for the one humanist that got angry) or the fight against the horrid gideon bibles in the Scandic hotel rooms (again one humanist was offended) and Scandic removes the bibles in 130 hotels while happily serving porn in every hotelroom. I would like to personally recommend Christer Sturmark to get one of Mackan Anderssons humanist kits so that he can evade the heavy religious opression in Sweden.

Further in the article Sturmark makes an argument that the 25 top placed countries in UNs human development index are the countries with least believers.  Sturmark also mentions young women dying in illegal abortions as a crime of the church and the spreading of HIV in Africa being the fault of the catholic church for not condoning condoms. Sturmarks own brand of twisted logic is disregarding other factors like monetary standard and that the general wellfare of the country  could have anything to do with how often human rights are violated. He also chooses to ignore the fact that the churches of the world stand for almost all social innovation and aid whereas the humanist might have made the most contributions towards a democratic society they are not in the lead of social welfare and aid to those who are hurting.

Sturmarks comes across as a anti religious fanatic using very religious language and I can only agree whith the opposition, Christer Sturmark is by his rethorics guilty of all those things that he is accusing the religious movement of doing.

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