So it is kind of fitting, we started our mission trip in Latvia 18 months ago living in the backroom of a church and now I am again living in one of the church offices (again thank God that the girls are not here for it, but are enjoying a sunny beach in Croatia).

I loose my bearings when I don’t have my own little space with my own things around me, it becaomes hard to concentrate on those daily things and I can’t seem to find the motivation for much anything.

I’ve played a lot of Frets On Fire in the last few days (Got it set up on my laptop with a USB keyboard to boot). And I started making some Christian songs for FoF. The first one done is [[Audio Adrenaline]] – Man of God wich will be made available for the close commuinity of guitar freaks at “Gitarrhaket“.

Tomorrow I will have the apartment cleared out and hopefully Friday night or Saturday lunch I will be back in the apartement.

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