Today is my last day in Latvia, I’ve had my last lunch in the small hall, my last sit down with Edvins and Edgars, my last salary and made the last call on my cell phone before handing it in. The last boxes has been loaded on the truck and we will have our last meeting with all the youth tonight before having our last night at Bruniņieku iela 10a-6.

I also had my last physio therapy at Sporta medicina 1, wher I was instructed in how to train to make my knee stronger. I was also told that If I wanted to start any kind of training I had to by a very “Robo-Cop” type of brace with metal hinges doing the job of my ligaments. But as all space technology it was ridiculously expensive.

Tonight at the “Party” I will be ordering my last Latvian Sushi and for the last time pretend that I do not understand what they are saying around me, ka ludzu?

Tomorrow morning 5:20 we fly (homeless again) to Croatia to spend ten days with Hannas family before moving in to WBC on Denmark hill the 30th of August! It will be our last vacation for a long time and in the back of my head I hear the song playing….

ooooo Oh ooo Oh you’re in the Army now …..

During my time here I have come to love the Latvian people and hate the Latvian comforts (comforts like electricity coming out of your showers, power spikes breaking your hard drives, Staircases that WILL NOT admit baby carriages at the stores, garbage trucks, people staring at each other refusing to budge and move their car at the tunnel entrance to the Salvation army etc.)

But my friends, and I leave many friends behind, are friends that I would trust my life to! Friends I have prayed, cried, shared and grown together with. Our cadre! You know who you are, it has been an honour serving with you! Thank you for being friends, Thank you for being true! Thank you for being you!

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