Love, Sex, God

T minus 10 days and counting…

Oh dear, What a ride. We had a lil farewell gathering at our empty apartment the last evening we had a picknick on the empty living room floor and had general fellowship. Our friends had made a goodbye gift in form of an album with images from our entire stay in Latvia and it was such a bitter sweet sensation looking at all those images and receiving such a valuable gift. We are indeed fortunate to have been loved so much in Latvia.

That night we spent all awake because Anja decided to hold a vigil over her last night in Latvia then we left for the airposrt at 5 am and headed to Oslo where we spent 6 hours at the airport…

We arrived in Croatia  late and stepped out in the 30 degree warm night only to get stuck in a long caravan of cars all leaving the airport and trying to negotiate their way through the Croatian coastal roads.

We made it home and crashed (Angelina in her new room) and to our relief both Girls slept like rocks all the way until 07:00.

The next morning both Anja and Angelina terribly exited about their surrounding and enjoying the freedom of a house to run around in. The Afternoon we spent at the beach, Angelina ran around in the shallows near the beach while Anja was not so sure about the sea and seemed to resent the waves. I retreated to café Baywatch (the café on the beach  5 meters from the water 2 minutes walk from our house) and enjoyed the best Latté I have had in a long time.

Intellectually I know that we are on the way to college, but sitting here enveloped by the velvet darkness of the Croatian night looking out over the Bay of Okrug Gornij feeling the warm tradewind blow gently in my face, it is hard to imagine that we are indeed in the middle of a move that wll change our lives forever.

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