It is interesting when we read the Christian scriptures we are told in the gospel of John that Jesus tells the disciples that they will do greater things than him.

Our reaction is immediate, how could anyone ever do greater things than Jesus, the son of god? Instantly forgetting that we to are the sons and daughters of the divine. We also assume that the greater things Jesus spoke of are super natural, that is if Jesus fed 5000 with two fishes and three bread pieces, we assume that we will have to feed 10.000 with half a fish and a breadcrumb. If Jesus walked on water we need to hover above it. If Jesus healed a disfigured hand, we must grow out an arm to top it.

Look I am not dismissing the miraculous, all I am asking is this. What if the greater things where not these. What if the greatest thing Jesus ever did was to accept and love the people around him?

What if the call to greatness actually is to see Jesus ministry and multiply it. If Jesus was inclusive, we will be even more inclusive, if Jesus loved deeply we will love even deeper….

What if the greatest things we can do in life are really natural, to just be authentic, to speak our truth and walk every day led by the divine spirit of love. What if the greatest thing we can do is to give birth to beautiful children and raise them to be authentic loving adults? What if the greatest thing we can do is to love the stranger that arrives at our shores and give them food and shelter? What if the greatest thing you can do this moment is give someone a hug and tell them that they are loved, regardless of who they are, how they smell, where they come from, what they believe, who they are with or how they make love?

What if the greatest thing you can aspire to is to be you?

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