We did it! We packed the whole family on a train and took off to Disneyland. The girls loved it, for Anja it was love at first sight when she met Minnie and Mickey in the hotel lobby on the first day. Angelina was a bit more wary, she hid from the characters like a commando soldier on the first parade, but she bravely faced her fear and on the last parade she even snuggled Eyores nose as he came up to her and Anja on his way past. Angelina’s best moment was the lunch with the princesses and her meeting with Cinderella and Belle.

For Hanna and me it was an escape, a bit to busy and a bit to noisy, but at least we did not think of college for a whole week. It is now hard and very surreal to get back into planning a sermon, two bible studies and a prayer evening for this week and next. To add to the stress Hanna’s computer decided to die two days ago (so I scrambled out to buy her that laptop we had been planning to get her) the day after my laptop died so now we are stranded at the beginning of term with only one working computer and two essays each to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Oh, bother as Pooh bear would have said.