This blog has faded some as I have been concentrating on writing in Swedish over at the awakening heart (Need to brush up my Swedish for the upcoming move).

We have now been in England for 18 months and will be returning to Sweden in August. We have been waiting for some time to receive our appointment and being told where to go.

Yesterday we received the news that on Saturday we will sit down with our chief secretary who will give us a proposal. What we did not expect was that we will be given time to respond to this proposal with a yes or a no.

So now we are excited and scared witless. It is great wonderful and frightening, the great adventure is about to start.

So now we need prayer! Pray that God prepares our hearts for the proposal we will be given on Saturday. But also pray that God will give us the discernment to know that this is the will of God and also strength and courage to say no if we feel that it is not right.

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