I have done some beta testing in the past, mostly games (Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft) but now I am having loads of fun beta testing some other stuff.

Google Wave

So I finally got a google wave invite. Wave looks very promising but it is extremely booring. Having a wave account and no invites to give out proves to be challenging. Being alone on a service that is designed for collaborative work is well not very productive. I can’t wait until google wave is as well used as gmail.

Accordance – Svenska folk bibeln

Last night I was asked to try out the a new accordance module with ‘Svenska Folk Bibeln’ (Swedish Folk Bible). The Bible translation that I have been using the most and desperately need for my sermon and bible study prep.

Honoured and very tickled to be asked personally by the accordance staff I naturally accepted.


My ISP – Bredbandsbolaget are offering all their customers free beta accounts at Voddler, an internet movie service much like spotify but with movies instead. I am amazed at how right away after creating my account I was streaming a HD movie without a single hiccup.

Voddler have received a lot of criticism, but I wonder if it is not just a great service in it’s infancy. well we shall see. It is going to be fun trying it out though.

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