• Pirate box!

    Pirate box!

    So last week I started my little geek project and after much ado it is now finished and our kafé has a pirate box with the potential to viraly spread ideas thoughts, documents freely. The package arrived from within days with the tiny wireless router TL-mr3020. I was astonished that such a small thing…

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  • What would you put on your Pirate Box?

    What would you put on your Pirate Box?

    Geek as I am, I have stumbled upon “Pirate Box” and realised i must build one (and I shall, and I will, and it will show up at a cafe near you, if you are anywhere near Malmö, Sweden.) However as I am home still something sick and I can’t start this exciting project right…

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  • Beta testing bumptop

    Beta testing bumptop

    A lot of geeky posts right now, for that I appologize. But beta testing is fun. It is even more fun when people are doing old things in new and exciting ways. I have had my eyes on bumptop for quite a while. And now the mac alpha version has come out and I have…

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  • Nobody wants a google wave invite?!

    Nobody wants a google wave invite?!

    Yesterday I posted about my 6 remaining Google wave invites. So far I have not had a single reply. I make one more try. I am looking for people interested in the emergent comversation or churchplanting. If I can find none, then I will randomly select people randomly from my adress book. If you want…

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  • Google wave invites

    Google wave invites

    I have now received some invites for google wave. This has been something I have been longing for as the wave is quite boring until you have people to collaborate with. However, it is proving harder than I thought to choose who to invite. Therefore I will extend invites to people who can be beneficial…

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  • Follow my reading …

    Follow my reading …

    As a Salvation Army Officer, pastor, public speaker, thinker, theologian and human being, I read a lot. And as I do I find some really cool quotes and interesting thoughts. I have decided to keep publishing these quotes and uplifting/provocative thoughts in a separate forum so that those who do not lie to read wordy…

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  • Beta testing

    Beta testing

    I have done some beta testing in the past, mostly games (Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft) but now I am having loads of fun beta testing some other stuff. Google Wave So I finally got a google wave invite. Wave looks very promising but it is extremely booring. Having a wave account…

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  • A random geekpost

    A random geekpost

    I haven’t posted a tech/geek post in a very long time but now I just feel I have to. As many of you know, I switched to Mac a while back and I must say I am fairly happy with the switch. Together with the switch to mac and getting an iPod came the switch…

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  • Multiwinia THE mac game of the year.

    Multiwinia THE mac game of the year.

    Every now and then I must post a geeky post. It is just not possible not to do it because I am a geek. So I was looking for a game to play and blow off some steam. I was delighted to find a port of Neverball for mac but as great as the game…

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  • Let's hear it for wordpress 2.7

    Let's hear it for wordpress 2.7

    Just upgraded my blog to wordpress 2.7 and WOW if you are blogging on wordpress do not wait another second upgrade to 2.7 Coltrane NOW!!!! The new dashboard is a bloggers dream!

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  • 0MG tEh Ubah Fluff!

    0MG tEh Ubah Fluff!

    So I have had the privilige to spend a day tweaking my computer, since I had to spend some time upgrading the office XDMCP server to Dapper! And OMG! I have always been a sucker for Eyecandy so I have been waiting for e17 but now I sense that even Gnome and KDE can compete…

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