So I have had the privilige to spend a day tweaking my computer, since I had to spend some time upgrading the office XDMCP server to Dapper!

And OMG! I have always been a sucker for Eyecandy so I have been waiting for e17 but now I sense that even Gnome and KDE can compete thanx to [[XGL]] and [[Compiz]]. With the power of a simple apt-get install I now have all the fluff available to osX users on my ubuntu box, hardware accelerated eyecandy running in openGL on my desktop…. It is a dream of swanky wobbling and zooming windows, not to mention running GL screensavers as your wallpaper for the ultimate eBling.

But it is not all fluff, the scale function lets you imitate the osX right upper corner function where you get to see all your open applications spaced out on your desktop and you can choose wich one to bring to the front.

If you have an invidia card, or a newer ATI go for it right away get the sweet phatz!

oh and heres the howto.

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