I have now received some invites for google wave. This has been something I have been longing for as the wave is quite boring until you have people to collaborate with.

However, it is proving harder than I thought to choose who to invite. Therefore I will extend invites to people who can be beneficial to me, Hanna and the Malmö corps. We are in the starting phase of replanting the corps. We are a NEO (New Expression Of the Salvation Army) and rapidly becoming part of the hyphenated church ie. Salvo-emergent.

If you are a person who wants to have theological discussions, and you think you can come with insight and ideas regarding emergence, Salvation Army and or planting let me know by a comment below, and sign up to follow either my twitter or tumbler feed and I will consider you for one of my six remaining invites. In the end I will also randomly select one person to receive an invite so even if you do not fit the description below.

The only other condition to this is that if you get an invite from me, please consider giving one of your invites to someone who commented below and did not get one.

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