What would you put on your Pirate Box?

Geek as I am, I have stumbled upon “Pirate Box” and realised i must build one (and I shall, and I will, and it will show up at a cafe near you, if you are anywhere near Malmö, Sweden.) However as I am home still something sick and I can’t start this exciting project right this second, I play with the idea in my mind.

So, if you had a personal internet where you anonymously could share anything to anyone within reach of the wireless. What would you share. What documents, film clips, books, graphics. I am guessing it would say a lot about you the files you share….

Here’s my short list…

  • Piratteologi (the latest draft of the book I am currently writing)
  • S-tech – Soulfilter (my weird fiction book finished but unpolished)
  • Flyers about #piratkyrkan, the pirate church event I am hosting together with Mackan Andersson and friends
  • Maybe a copy of what book I am currently reading or what audiobook I am currently listening to.
  • An ebook made from my LGBTQ series …
  • I need suggestions what else should I add?
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