I haven’t posted a tech/geek post in a very long time but now I just feel I have to. As many of you know, I switched to Mac a while back and I must say I am fairly happy with the switch.

Together with the switch to mac and getting an iPod came the switch to iTunes something that I have been less than happy with. iTunes is a bloated music player that works well as long as you are on a mac and as long as you want to work with mac/iPod etc …. then I found ecoute a small little player that hooks up with iTunes seamlessly and as an extra bonus scrobbles your songs to last.fm.

Now having 4000 songs in your library (some years back me and Hanna thought we where moving to Africa and ripped our entire CD collection, a good thing to, we had three break ins in our car during the move and lost many of our favourite CD’s) is messy, most of them untagged and without artwork etc. I tried Song genie but it really barely made a dent in my collection. Enter Pollux, not only is Pollux recognising almost every song I chuck at it and find both artwork and lyrics, it simplifies it (yes you do not have all the bells and whistles of Song Genie) in a zen like way, it is also free!

It is now munching through my entire collection sorting tagging and adding artwork.

With these little helper apps, I am now much happier with iTunes.

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