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Jesus is not good at just doing his job. At the wedding in Canaan he doesn’t just make a few bottles of wine, he miraculously produces 600 litres. When feeding the five thousand with a boys lunchbox he also goes the extra mile and there are 12 baskets of left overs afterwards.

So I am standing in worship, the afterglow of Gods intimate, deep, healing touch is washing over me in waves. Suddenly I have a vision. In front of me I see this beautiful woman, perfect in every way. Long brown hair rolling over her shoulders in wavy locks. Her fierce dark brown eyes sparkling with vibrant vitality. She is dressed in a snugly fitting leather armour and wielding an elven sword raised high ready for battle. It is the most stunning woman I have ever seen, and then I realise, she is my wife!

Awestruck i stand there marvelling, falling in love with my wife as if it where the first time. Standing in a lodge squeezed in between the peaks of the rocky mountains thousands of miles from home, I realise the she is my perfect match, my ezer (companion or lifesaver from Gen 2.18). She is the woman that battled for my heart when I couldn’t. I would not be whom God wants me to be without her. I realise standing there, that I have truly been blessed with a gift from God!

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