I am home now, the “old normal” is fighting to take over the “new normal” the memories are fading and it seems very far of all the important things that happened long time ago (yesterday) in a galaxy far far away (well a remote corner of another continent anyways).

No new agreements have snuck in, or have they? I am wondering if, what I perceived as ongoing mortar fire ( that kept me pinned down in bed for hours), maybe was normal day to day warfare. Warfare that was amplified by the prayerful atmosphere and  our heightened awareness that the bootcamp provided?

Maybe it is the normality of day to day life that dulls our senses so that we do not notice the agreements sneaking in and the warfare when it happens.

To arms my brave brothers, my valiant sisters, to arms, the enemy is still there, poised to strike. Another battle has just begun, lets keep the “old normal” at bay lets live the life of Jesus as the “new normal”.

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Skip Layman

Patrik, my brave warrior friend. You and the others that reached out to me at Advanced have changed my life. You showed me the forgiving love of God in a way that reached my broken heart and brought me release from my bondage. I still don’t know what will happen on the legal front, but I am, with God’s help ready to accept what ever may come, trusting that it is all part of God’s plan to draw me closer to him.

Skip (Old Warrior)

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