We have just finished a three week deep study of Jesus (The historical Jesus, Jesus’ personality, Jesus’ message). It has been a profound experience as we have been allowed to re-examine and question some of the foundations of our beliefs, only to find a Jesus that can still surprise and unsettle us, no matter how many years we have been Christian.

We have gotten a chance to re-examine our images of Jesus, the virgin birth, Jesus scandalous message of grace and Jesus’ startling call to a third way of active, non-violent guerilla warfare.

Hopefully this study will give us fresh perspectives and a new strength to battle on against injustice for the dream of God to be realised here in Malmö.

If you missed the series you may be in luck, some of it may appear on my podcast in the near future (though it is in swedish). Or just make sure you come down and be part of the revolution as it happens. The Salvation Army in Malmö needs you.

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