It all started with me reading Gaunt’s Ghosts and the omnibus being to big to hold comfortably in one hand. That combined with the fact that Hanna does not like me to read in bed (the light disturbs her) made me get Stanza for the iphone. I didn’t think I would like to read electronically as I have this deep love of books, I love the feel of a new book and the smell of books. As it turns out I love to read books more than I love the physical book, and I am now fully converted to reading electronically.

The complete shift happened when I bought my kindle. E-ink is the best and I love reading on my kindle. I also love having the book available and searcheable on my kindle, on my iPhone and on my Mac, never have cross referencing and prepping been easier. Not to mention how much lighter my bag is.

I also realised that apart from saving my aching shoulders, I am also saving loads of bookshelf space and possibly in the end a few trees as move from paper to digital ink.

Now as I survey my bookshelf I find several books that I wish I could trade in for a kindle version. So I have decided to try the following: If you gift me one of the following books (It is very easy click on the link, buy as a gift, enter my email address as recipient) I will send you the physical book (which in every case costs more than the kindlebook). If it is one of the larger volumes (or if you live outside of the EU) we’ll discuss postage.

Here are the books:

[amazon_link id=”B001GCUCHM” target=”_blank” ]What Would Jesus Deconstruct?: The Good News of Postmodernism for the Church[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B0010SIPOY” target=”_blank” ]Surprised by Hope[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B002U80FU0″ target=”_blank” ]Free of Charge[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B001DL6G26″ target=”_blank” ]The End of Memory: Remembering Rightly in a Violent World[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B000SEOC1G” target=”_blank” ]The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B001ANYC1E” target=”_blank” ]Great Emergence, The: How Christianity Is Changing and Why (emersion: Emergent Village resources for communities of faith)[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B00194ESYA” target=”_blank” ]The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B000MAHCKO” target=”_blank” ]A Generous Orthodoxy: By celebrating strengths of many traditions in the church (and beyond), this book will seek to communicate a 'generous orthodoxy.'[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B003JMFDMG” target=”_blank” ]The Resurrection of the Son of God[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B001F7B5LA” target=”_blank” ]Emergent Manifesto of Hope, An[/amazon_link]

(I know the last one (emergent manifesto)  isn’t in the picture above but the amazon link is the correct book)

Please help me empty my bookshelf and to fill my kindle….

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