Insurrection: To Believe Is Human, To Doubt Is Divine by Peter Rollins

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Insurrection: To Believe Is Human, To Doubt Is DivineIf you have been following Peter Rollins four a while you will find nothing new in this latest release, it is simply all those messages, thoughts, parables and stories woven together in a beautiful but very disruptive package. It is an incendiary bomb into established religion, it is a call to let go of belief and structure so that we can truly encounter the divine and live the resurrection life. It is a call to form prophetic Pirate islands within our world and within our established churches where we live the resurrection life as if there was no other option available, not in protest but as a the only natural reality.

If you are a Christian, a theist, an atheist or a/theist you may enjoy this book but I doubt that it will leave you unshaken.

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