After a sorely needed hiatus, I have decided to reopen my blogs. I write these blogs because I need to work through my journey in writing and because I really need the feedback I get from doing this in public.

Some people think I like to provoke on purpose (to a certain degree it is true, I challenge the status quo often and without hesitation) but none of my posts are written as provocation. They are my thoughts, and I love to challenge myself and my own thinking.

I believe that we all need to develop and evolve through life, myself especially. So when you read something I wrote and find it provocative, just remember that I may be equally agitated by the text. So lets talk about it, not as god given truth but as tentative thoughts that we hold loosely as we discern and evaluate whether or not they serve us and our spiritual growth.

Albert Einstein wrote that:

Once you stop learning, you start dying


And Tomas Merton wrote:

If the “you” of five years ago doesn’t consider the “you” of today a heretic, you are not growing spiritually.

Western Christianity desperately needs some reflection and self criticism. We need this theological conversation to go on in as many places as possible. Without an agenda, withoiut a set goal but rather as a discourse where truth is discerned slowly and carefully and with much humility.

So with that I resume my blogging and invite you to comment and send in your questions, let´s journey together.

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