It is that time of the year again. Time to realise I have gotten older and ask myself what I did with the last year. As it turns out I have done quite a lot and think I may have much in the last year to be thankful for.  
I am in the middle of a church plant and I think we have come to a point in the planting process where we have found our direction and we are ready to head out into those uncharted waters. I have read more than 70 books since my last birthday, some fantastic adventures and escapes from reality but also some really good theology helping me get a better grip on reality (and in some cases to realise how little I know about reality, thanks Peter Rollins). I have preached many sermons, and think that this year, I may have taken a step forward not only in how to communicate but also in the content (much to be blamed by my incessant reading). Just as I thought I was ready to throw systematic theology out the window, I discovered that I am a process theologian, and that my entire post-it theology fits nicely within the confines of process thought. This has in turn challenged much of my thinking in areas I had yet not processed since William Booth College. In the world of Martial Arts I have been a joyful participant in the birth of the SSG Abrazare system which is a modern interpretation of a medieval martial art. In my quest for Knighthood, I have grown some in prowess but mostly been blessed with the joy of teaching martial arts and chivalry to children. And finally, I have started writing one book and nearly finished another (thanks to NaNoWriMo). All in all, it’s been a good year. 
The last week some of my friends have asked me what do you wish for for your birthday, and so if you have missed the not so subtle hints on Facebook I shall also post it here. As I was answering that question I had a glance towards my Amazon wish list and realised to my horror that the last year I have put over 200 books on my “I must read this later” list, either by recommendations or by reading about the book in question on a blog.  
So I now appeal to you, help me empty my wish list. If you have in any way benefitted from my ministry and want to keep doing so, please invest in my further studies. If you would like to shape those further studies, you pick the books on that vast wish list you want me to read, or if youd like me to expand my reading, pick something not on the list. If you want to contribute to me staying sane pick one of the fictional books. My only caveat is, keep it to ebooks as I want to conserve the environment, my shelf space, my marriage and my ability to pack for my various travels. 
If you want to aid me in clearing my wish list/aid in my further studies you can do so with an amazon gift card or go to my wishlist.  

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