• Oh My Ego!

    Oh My Ego!

    I am sittning at the Salvation Army leadership conference in Örebro, listening to Tommy Hellsten talking about finding your true self and how the ego must be crucified, taken apart, gotten rid of. I think of Eddie Izzard that stated last night during his “Force Majeure” show that he had an overgrown ego, he tells…

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  • Birthday week appeal

    Birthday week appeal

    It is that time of the year again. Time to realise I have gotten older and ask myself what I did with the last year. As it turns out I have done quite a lot and think I may have much in the last year to be thankful for.   I am in the middle…

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  • Remember


    I lost my keys, again, I need to be writing an essay, I need to go to the library, and I must hurry to get my kids, and I cannot find my keys. Frantically I look through the flat, no luck…. Hang on a minute, what good is it to be a friend of an…

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  • iPod guy

    iPod guy

    I was told last week that the “iPod Generation” consists of people ages 18-34. This disqualifies me since i turned 35 last wekk. What am I to do then when my wonderful wife bought me a brand new iPod nano, a red one? Well I guess the least I can do is make a cartoon,…

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  • More Southwark adventures

    More Southwark adventures

    Our placement at Southwark continues and the last couple of Sundays (Before and after the week we had in Disney) I have been preaching, Both have been hard to prepare in different way.  The first one was hard due to the subject (sex), which has been a taboo subject in the church so long that…

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