Love, Sex, God

A recipe for more queer theology (or the shameless hat in hand post)

Every now and then I post something like this. It is always with one tablespoon shame and a teaspoon of hope. It’s with a handful of trepidation and some good old fashioned fear thrown in for good measure.

I read a lot, if you know me and hang out with me, then you know that I never have my book far of. I inhale literature, especially theological literature. I would get it as a drip feed straight into my veins where it possible. My kindle reader (and the kindle app on my iDevices are the closest thing). This is a costly habit. I have tried to get a few donations with the donate coffee button (paypal donations) to the right but sadly the steady donation flow of my dreams have turned out to be zero.

One of my blogger friends tells me how he gets in donations all the time, I wonder what he does differently but can’t see any difference except he is more widely read.


I have come to realise that i need among other fantastic books The Queer Bible Commentary from Amazon. I can’t really afford it, so I turn to you, my faithful reader. Do you like reading this blog? Would you support my further education? Would you gift the book to me, or give a small donation like a $10 Amazon gift card?

If gifted I promise to blog my way through it and any other books you send my way!  Send any gifts to patrik (AT) olterman DOT se) also if you are one of my followers on social media make sure as many people read this post as my series on Sex (I said it was shameless begging right).

Ps. here’s my Amazon Wish list.

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