The kingdom of God runs through my veins

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Jesus main message, according to most bible scholars, was that of the kingdom of god, or life eternal (aionos zoe)In most churches this has degenerated into an oversimplified message of “pie in the sky when you die”. When Jesus very clearly describes the kingdom as an event, as something that is about to happen and something that simultaneously has happened. This is the now but not yet that most theologians refer to.

Paul very clearly teaches that the secret (mysterion) of the Christian faith and life is this: Christ in you, the hope of glory. That you (yes, you!) are the temple of god. This is the glorious mystery of the incarnation, that after Jesus leaves, we are not to await his physical return (although that may also happen some day), but to embody Jesus presence, the reality of the kingdom or the life eternal in our everyday.

If life is our religion then the kingdom of god, the abundant/eternal life is a reality that dwells within each and every one of us. Our bodies vibrate with it, our true self is made up of the stuff that the kingdom is built from. It is realised in our relationships to each other, to the planet and it’s eco system.

William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army and a pre-millenialist was a firm believer in building the kingdom of god here and now. He believed as do I that it is truly up to us to embody the kingdom in what we do, how we live and what we say, and the rule for doing this is the rule of love.

When love for god and love for our neighbour pumps through our veins, vibrates through our bodies and radiates from the words that we speak to each other as we live courageously as our selves within the framework of vulnerable authentic relationships, recognising the sacredness of everyone and everything around us, then every moment becomes a sacred sacrament and the kingdom of god is in our midst.

Life is my religionBeing alive is my daily spiritual practiceLove is my ruleHumankind is my familyAuthentic friendships is my churchThe kingdom of god runs through my veinsJesus is my brotherBecoming and being all that I am is my callingHelping you become and be all that you are is my ministryMy deepest feelings is my guideAll living things are my teacher.

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