Helping you become and be all that you are is my ministry

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If my calling is becoming and being all that I am then it falls naturally that my ministry, my service to god is to, within the scope of an authentic relationship, help you to become and be all that you are.

This is not first and foremost a call to spiritual leadership, with one spiritual leader blazing a trail for the “sheep” to follow but rather a call to courageously living authentically in authentic relationships where I am led as much as I am leading.

“As iron sharpens iron, so is one friend to another” we are told in the book of proverbs. This is what we are called to. To openly share life with one another and by daring to show up as myself I will create a space for you to do the same. In the same way that the only real problem I face is to discover who I truly am in god my challenge in relation to the other is to discover who they are in god. If discovering who we truly are leads us to a meeting with the divine, then this must be the goal of all ministry.

If the gospel truly is “good news”, then the good news that we are gloriously made, unconditionally loved and scandalously forgiven must be what we point each other towards. The deconstruction (crucifixion) of the false self (flesh) is the road towards finding the true self, and by that removing the obstacles obscuring an unobstructed view of god, is the road to communion with god and by that our salvation.

It seems that most of Jesus ministry was about sharing his own life and telling stories that challenged the hearers preconceived ideas and ego structures hindering a clear view of god and god’s kingdom. Similarly, Paul, spends a great deal of his theological text to explain who we are in god so as to clear the path to understanding what our relation to god already is.

it is not so much a transformation of self as it is a transformation of how we se ourselves and each other. A metanoia, repentance, a redefining of how we see the world, god and our place in the world and a radical change of how we are to act in this world according to this new, fresh world view.

If I show up as me, then maybe you can feel that it is ok to show up as you, and maybe, maybe we can find a way together.

Life is my religionBeing alive is my daily spiritual practiceLove is my ruleHumankind is my familyAuthentic friendships is my churchThe kingdom of god runs through my veins.Jesus is my brotherBecoming and being all that I am is my callingHelping you become and be all that you are is my ministryMy deepest feelings is my guideAll living things are my teacher.

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