this_way_that_way_street_sign_greeting_cards-r828a28ae213b4790bf40526fd5b27725_xvuat_8byvr_512So, here we are. Many words have been written and countless comments have been made on and off site. Many topics have been discussed and now I find myself a bit lost. where do we go from here?

So dear reader, what do you think. If you read this blog, what would you like to read about? What subjects should we delve into now? What would interest you? Please comment below!

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Kia Lyster

nowhere…. 😉 lies will tell you to walk …. wait on god !

Din minsta bror.

I would love to hear your thoughts on search for happiness what is happiness and do we already have it in our self? How affect our lack of spiritual faith and our too big trust in the dollars this pursuit.

liene lazdina

I’m curious to know what’s over there…let’s go 🙂 Why don’t you surprise us? OR maybe you want to share what made you fall in love with the Salvation army? 😛 ( sorry this isn’t helping you )

liene lazdina

I thought of something you could post…how about other religions? What have you discovered for yourself, what do you disagree with, what can we learn from them, etc…. 🙂

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