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The text was supposed to read: I Love you! But in It’s infinite wisdom my smart phone decided to autocorrect it to: I live you!

At first it frustrated me, it happened over and over again in all kinds of texts, updates, blog posts, the word love corrected to live. And then the point began to sink in. To love is to truly live. It is only when we love that we acknowledge the connection between each other, and the infinite connection with god.

But it goes deeper still, if we are connected on this deep level, if it is true that we are all made of stardust from the same source and that at a quantum level, and at an energetic level we still are connected, then it is ever so much more true that “I live you” or perhaps I live in you, you live in me, we live in god and god lives in us. It is the teaching of the eastern greeting ‘Namaste!‘ which means something along the lines of, the divine in me greets the divine in you and by that we are connected, we are one.

It is to acknowledge god in everything and everyone, to know that every place I visit is a holy place and every person I meet is a holy person. And this god, the source of divine love, the source of all is connecting us all so that my life is not my own but truly belongs to everyone as does everyone else’s, this makes your health and wellbeing my private business and vice versa. I will care for you, and love you because in doing so I am also loving myself, and when I care for me and love me I am also caring for and loving you. When you find your soul, your unique place in the universe and hold the largest conversation with the world that you can possibly have. Then I am also being realised and set free to do and be all that I was created to be.

So I stand corrected: I Live You!


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