As summer has actually arrived here in Sweden I have taken some time of work to start a writing project. I am taking all the ideas and thoughts from the last six years of sermon writing, blogging and theological reflection and boil it down to a little book describing my own “pirate theology”.

The book will be called “Into the blue” and is divided up in four main parts: kosmos, hagios, ecclesia and basileia. Starting with the creation song and then talking about holiness, the church and the kingdom of god.

Just today I passed the 10.000 word mark of my first draft and I am really enjoying writing it. Hopefully first draft will be done this fall as I will have quite a lot of time on my hands. Keep your eyes peeled here and on Facebook for updates on the progress and if you are one of the people that have followed the blog and the journey that I have been on, then I hope that you will also be on board for this next part of the journey.

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