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  • Theoerotics!?
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    Theoerotics … those that know (me) assume they know the answer, those that don’t, aquaintences sometimes ask, or smirk dismissively. Walking away making assumptions of the what, the how and the why. This blog has in the past adressed this topic and failed to uncover it’s dirty secrets. As this text will fail to uncover…

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  • Theoerotic is going live!

    Theoerotic is going live!

    It’s about time, isn’t it. Theoerotic – the podcast is coming in January 2024. So why post about it now? Well, I want your input. The plan is to have conversations in the intersection of spirituality, sexuality and social justice. And focussing on the voices from the margins of both faith and the kink/poly/sexpositive community.…

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  • We are the dead

    We are the dead

    Halloween has just passed and as little ghosts and skeletons have been in and out our door in a quest for excitement and candy we have been clearing out som skeletons out of our closet. In many ways it has been the death of the old story, the old life and the old paradigm. Clearing…

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  • Into the blue

    Into the blue

    As summer has actually arrived here in Sweden I have taken some time of work to start a writing project. I am taking all the ideas and thoughts from the last six years of sermon writing, blogging and theological reflection and boil it down to a little book describing my own “pirate theology”. The book…

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  • Subverting the norm

    Subverting the norm

    The last couple of days I have spent at Subverting the norm II, a conference about radical theology, postmodernism and the church. It has been three days of deconstruction, radical thought and repentance. It has been such a privilege and honour to spend three days with some of the greatest theologians involved in this ongoing…

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  • Sex as a sacrament.
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    Sex as a sacrament.

    There was this praise song on my favorite worship album, it always bugged me. “Take me, I am yours”, the woman sang with such throaty passion that it sounded almost sexual, indecent. I mentioned it once to a friend who told me, it’s just your perverted mind that hears it like that. I never broach…

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  • How I became a queer theologian a desert journey

    How I became a queer theologian a desert journey

    Last week my friend Samuel decided to reblog one of my posts on LGBTQ and the church. Promptly someone questioned if I really had written the piece as I had taught a very different gospel at said persons confirmation camp. I had to reply that I have been (am still) on a long theological pilgrimage.…

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  • Pirate box!

    Pirate box!

    So last week I started my little geek project and after much ado it is now finished and our kafé has a pirate box with the potential to viraly spread ideas thoughts, documents freely. The package arrived from iSupply.se within days with the tiny wireless router TL-mr3020. I was astonished that such a small thing…

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  • On deep theological waters

    On deep theological waters

    Whenever I speak about Pirate Theology, I am asked what kind of theology it is. Specifically if it is liberal or conservative (it seems that these two are only viable options in the Swedish discourse right now). When I wrote my series on LGBTQ, one of the comments I received was that I had a “liberal theology”. The…

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