This is my new refrain, Slow down! We are rushing through life (some more than others) at such a breakneck speed that we are missing it completely. Being and Enneagram seven, I can be so preoccupied with whatever is just over the horizon that I completely miss the now.

With so many things going on at the same time, I do not get or take the time to feel and integrate whatever experience I just had because I am already immersed in the next one.

This created a kind of emotional jetlag where sooner or later there is such an emotional buildup that it clocks me over the head like a sledgehammer from nowhere.

So here is my pro tip, my life hack number one: Slow down, everything. Experience everything deeply, then take some time just to integrate, feel the feelings. When you are done move on. If you are starting up a new relationship, slow down. You will only get one first kiss, one first night together, one first walk in the rain, one first dance. Slow down, enjoy each and every one of those and for the love of the divine, do not pile experiences on top of one another. So don’t cram in all those first into one glorious evening where you cannot separate one of the experiences from one another. If you are on your first date, save some for the second date or the third or fifth or seventy second.

The same goes for every new experience whether it’s a new relationship or a new food dish, slow down, enjoy it fully and create space to integrate the experience, the feeling afterwards.

Cramming as much experiences into as short a time as possible is simply not as fulfilling as really savouring the experience you are in right now, really enjoying it and dragging it out to make sure you get every last drop of it and then licking the plate.

Slow Down!

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