• Tantra massage
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    Tantra massage

    Giving a tantra massage is such a privilege, watching someone relax deep into their body and journey with themselves, their emotions and their pleasure. I have been asked what a tantra massage feels like and thought I would share this testimonial from one of the sessions I gave recently. I arrived a little frozen, a…

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  • Suppression or sublimation

    Suppression or sublimation

    According to the Enneagram there are three instinctual centers: Intellectual, emotional and instinctual or mind, heart, gut. In the same way we have many different bodies, a physical body, an emotional body and an energetic body. I could probably list more but lets stop there. Let’s have a look at the heart and the emotional…

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  • I can swim!

    I can swim!

      I have spent most of my life being afraid of my emotions, not consciously as I have always seen myself as a sensitive guy, but rather unconsciously. Instead of feeling sad I have been thinking that I am sad. Instead of feeling joy, I have been thinking I am happy. Living in my head.…

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  • Slow down!

    Slow down!

    This is my new refrain, Slow down! We are rushing through life (some more than others) at such a breakneck speed that we are missing it completely. Being and Enneagram seven, I can be so preoccupied with whatever is just over the horizon that I completely miss the now. With so many things going on…

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  • Non attachment

    Non attachment

    In eastern traditions detachment or non attachment is an important part of the spiritual practice. The idea is that you should not become atatched to things or persons so that these will not control you. “Things arise and she lets them come, things disappear and she lets them go. She has, but doesn’t possess, acts…

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  • Do you dare to live?

    Do you dare to live?

    So in the aftermath of my recent emotional awakening experience I am left with this question. Do I really dare to live? Not just to be alive but to live fully, filled with life and experience to the brim, each day? Most of us, myself included, opt out. We siphon life into small and manageable…

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  • I don’t know how it happened

    I don’t know how it happened

    It just did, one day I had stopped feeling. I was thinking a lot, thinking I was sad, happy or angry. But I wasn’t rally feeling it. My feelings dialed down to a low hum or buzzing at the bottom of my heart to low to even register. It must have happened gradually, little by…

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