Giving a tantra massage is such a privilege, watching someone relax deep into their body and journey with themselves, their emotions and their pleasure.

I have been asked what a tantra massage feels like and thought I would share this testimonial from one of the sessions I gave recently.

I arrived a little frozen, a little tense and tired, stiff, with some anxiety in the body that had been with me for several days. I was welcomed into a beautiful cozy room. A strong smell of hot oil that was initially distracting but it eventually melted into the whole experience. I was received into a quiet conversation, and then I settled into the initial relaxing massage. Anxiety and stress were allowed to run free for a moment while I was being held in this warm room, increasingly able to let go of everything. Patrik’s presence in the room and the hands against my body, the feeling of care, softness and feeling into the moment allowed me to drift away from the physical space and into myself. The senses softened.

It was a fantastic feeling to just be with myself and truly meet myself and my entire body, just to enjoy without any expectation of giving back, to completely be the receiver. I felt the love in the room, towards myself and towards everything that came up: sadness, anger, memories, impulses, movements, images. My body was dissolved loosing its contours and I found myself in a realm of softness, a shimmering landscape, where I could wander freely. I was occasionally self-conscious, restraining impulses, going back into my head, and my usual thought patterns.

In this deep state of relaxation it felt quite natural to go ahead with the yoni massage. I allowed myself to just continue traveling along to new sensations, new impulses. The relief of feeling so deeply inside myself without any sexual intent or expectation. I could travel through my yoni as a “normal” part of my body. I was touched in new ways, that shot waves of emotion from there and throughout the body. Lovely streams of light going up, streaming out of my forehead. Strong resistance at the touch of some points inside and sometimes the feeling of to strong energies that I felt I needed to contain

After the massage, I was in a healing state of gratitude, peace and love. Unlike a regular massage the feeling lasted several days, I could go to work, take care of my children, dance, go and do my weekly shopping with my body feeling whole, down from the earth through the womb and stomach all the way up into the heart and my head. I felt an unusual amount of energy, curiosity and playfulness.

Another lingering feeling is that I have so much to give, I want to pass on the energy and love in me. I am eager to continue exploring what I can face with even greater relaxation, with even more freedom to let go of my ideas about myself and disarm my ongoing self-censorship, to go even deeper into the journey through my body, my feelings and the universe.

I can warmly recommend this treatment to my friends and look forward to continue this journey
/ Kerstin (SE)

For me receiving tantra massages has been a major part of my transformational journey and it is such a privilege to be able to pay it forward.

If you are interested in experiencing a tantra massage contact me for more information.

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