The mind is a curious thing, every time we think we know something or someone the knowledge becomes cemented, static and we file it away for storage. The trouble is that life is change and anything cemented, static is dead. This is why life can only be found in our unknowing, changeable and in the fluid. 

Walking to school or work the same route we always take will allow us to shut down for the duration, we cannot be surprised or awoken, we dream walk like zombies through the static parts of our lives. Time it seems speed up as we grow older, we all know that it is not true, yet we perceive it so. This is because we do not experience the static and the older we become the more areas of our experience is confined to the static storage of the known. 

I think this is why we perceive time as moving faster when we get older, because we experience less. We are on autopilot more and so we do not even notice the world around us all things marked as already known. When we where young, everything was new and everything was awesome, we could get carried away looking at a blade of grass, the shape of our own hand or the clouds in the sky. Now olter and supposedly wiser, we have misplaced the ability to loose ourselves, loose track of time and be awed by the worled around us.

Therefore I suggest, with all due respect, that today you get lost.

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