As I have been at this crossroads for a while now, the dust seems to settle and maybe there is a clear path ahead. It feels scary and thrilling at the same time.

I have for some time followed a path led by the divine spirit whispering in my heart the way I should go. Now as I am stepping out of the plattform into the unknown deep blue there is a sense of freedom, a sense of ease. A sense that in a way there is a path already marked out by love for me to walk together with the ones I love.

It has been my privilege these past months to speak deeply into peoples lives and to empower these people to find greater freedom and ease in their lives. As I now move deeper into this field I sense a shift coming up both in direction and, for lack of a better word, vibration or resonance. I do not think we will be involved in any organised religious practice any time soon. I might, as the wounds heal and I get some perspective to the events that have led to the recent parting with the Salvation Army.

I feel more than ever that Life is my religion and that all living things is my teacher. It’s the theopoetics of life that move me. The experience of being alive that is the true spiritual practice, that can be practiced both within and without the church.

I just stepped of the plattform into the currents of life, real life, what I really need and what our family needs is a solid tribe, people that can support us and who are eager to travel this next part of the journey with us. If you want to be part of this tribe, share life and love with us then please contact me.

With wild and wonderful love

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