After years of people telling us week in and week out, and after long contemplation, and after much soul searching, prayer, conversation and just a little bit of divine intervention we have decided to do it!

It was simply a coincidence that we ran into an old friend who asked if we had been in contact with MCC. And as we contacted them it became obvious to them and to us that it was a divinely inspired encounter.

We are starting a new church in Malmö! MCC Malmö will be a community church focusing on the spiritual growth and transformation of our community through all the methods that we have used the last six years in our ministry. There will be vibrant, raw and real spirituality. Beautiful worship. And challenging teaching drawing deeply from the perennial traditions. The church will be a “free church” and fully LGBTQ – Positive inclusive.

At MCC Malmö you are welcome regardless of gender, sexual orientation, political views, social status and religion. The gatherings will be centered around dialogue, rainbow songs and deep fellowship. The conversation will happen in the intersection of spirituality, sexuality and social justice. Please check out our Facebook group and you are Welcome to attend the sneak premier on the 6th of December to prepare for the grand opening in January 2016.

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