Oh no, religion!

As I was browsing the interwebs I came upon this cartoon depicting how the secular society looks at christianity. It is true to a large degree. In todays society it is ok to quote Buddha, the Dalai Lama or Ghandi but to quote Jesus or the bible is somehow offensive.

Of course the reverse is also true in the church. Where you can quote the bible or Jesus any day but if you quote Buddha, Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, Rumi or any other wisdom teacher/mystic, even if they say exactly the same thing as Jesus, it is considered misleading/false teaching and in worst cases demonic.

As Christians we can be all upset that Jesus and the biblical texts are shunned in secular society. We can lament that the schools frown upon prayer but welcome Yoga. We might have to take Jesus advice and se that we have a log in our own eye, that maybe, just maybe was it within the walls of the church that we created the dichotomy of us and them. Maybe what we see in society today is just the reflection of the churches attitude mirrored back.

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