Looking back and reaching forward

What a journey it has been. This blog has been my refuge and companion through the last 15 years. It bears witness of a circutious trek through the very wilderness of faith, theology, life, sexuality and what it means to be human. So many posts, so many turns, so much water under so many bridges. Starting out with just diary entries and reaching the depths of theological discourse. Journeying from a static fundamentalism to a messy, vibrant, life affirming pirate theology with a side of tantric, sexual shamanism.   

After a long hiatus I once again feel called to take my place at the keyboard and allow my heart and mind to express what is alive and moving through  my life. Sometimes it will be clumsy and unpolished, sometimes eloquent and thought through. 

Either way I invite you to journey with me. Perhaps some of the thoughts can spark an inquiry or even a deep dive into your own life and journey, who knows. 

Going forward this will be the place to find out what the journey holds for me preparing for and going into the second half of my life…

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