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  • Oh my goddess! (or radical monotheism)

    Oh my goddess! (or radical monotheism)

    There are some people out there that have been disturbed by the fact that I am talking about the goddess and assume by that that I have left the Christian path. Because let’s face it while we as Christian give lip-service to the fact that god may not be a “he” and perhaps even can […]

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  • The divine feminine

    The divine feminine

    In the tantric tradition everything hinges on the polarity between the divine masculine, awareness and consciousness and the divine feminine, energy and life force. Everywhere we look we see this polarity between the outward and inward movement, the tension between the two. This is reflected in the Taoist tradition and we see it in pagan […]

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  • The divine masculine

    The divine masculine

    As I was contemplating the mature and immature masculine yesterday I realised that in our confusion (or perhaps in my confusion, I don’t know how universal this is) we have lost the divine masculine. I have always been under the impression that we had lost the divine feminine but I think maybe I have gotten […]

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