• Art is not carnal

    Art is not carnal

    This is a blog post that should not need to be written. Art and artistic expression has been part of the church since it’s inception. And while art often is a physical expression (but not always, for example poetry) it is not carnal as defined by the false dichotomy of carnal/spiritual or materialistic as in…

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  • Willing sacrifice

    Willing sacrifice

    The old ram trotted past the weird couple walking ahead. An old man and his adolescent son, fear and angst reeking of the uprights, making their way up the old mountain path. The ram didn’t worry, he was to old. And certainly to old to care. He new it was his time, but each time…

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  • A return to romance

    A return to romance

    Chivalry was born in the romances, Gawain and the green Knight, Le Mort D’Artur and the other romances are filled with this over the top rose tinted chivalry. It was a response to the cold scientific light of the renaissance but also a remembrance of a time, that while it had it’s own flaws, when…

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