• Conspiracy theory

    Conspiracy theory

    I posted a short update to Facebook a few days ago that was accused of being to new agey. Why? Because instead of thanking god for what is happening in my life right now I said: isn’t it great when the universe conspires to give you your deepest desire. Have I started worshipping the universe?…

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  • The truth of the slippery slope

    The truth of the slippery slope

    During the last couple of years many friends and people I do not yet know have told me to beware the slippery slope. They have in no uncertain terms let me know that if I start questioning the tradition bound given truths of the church that I would eventually loose my faith. Today having wandered,…

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  • Theopoetics


    After a long hiatus in blogging I have decided to warm up the keyboard and start blogging again. Any long term reader will immediately notice that the name of the blog has changed and with that maybe the direction of the blog as well. Personally I think the new name “Theopoetics” better reflect the direction…

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  • Repent!


    It’s a whole new year, we need to learn how to write 2013 instead of 2012, Oh and the world ended so here we are in the aftermath of the end of the world or at least the end of the year. New years eve is a traditional time of repentance, maybe not in the…

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  • Christianity, faith or science?

    Christianity, faith or science?

    It seems that most people are upset by uncertainty, and more specifically Christians get really upset if one where to say that we cannot know. I was taught when I first came into the church about this “blessed assurance”, to know that you know that you know that god is real/good/loving etc. At the same…

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  • Christian Pirates

    Christian Pirates

    From Wikipedia: Piracy is a war-like act committed by non-state actors (private parties not affiliated with any government) against other parties at sea. The term applies especially to acts of robbery and/or criminal violence at sea. People who engage in these acts are called pirates. What could this possibly have to do with Christianity? Christianity…

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  • Bonsai Christians

    Bonsai Christians

    I was in the middle of conversation at Street Church during the Malmö festival that the thought struck me. The word just popped into my head and fit so nicely on the tongue. Bonsai Christians. For those of you who are confused, Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing a plant in a tray (Bon…

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  • Remember


    I lost my keys, again, I need to be writing an essay, I need to go to the library, and I must hurry to get my kids, and I cannot find my keys. Frantically I look through the flat, no luck…. Hang on a minute, what good is it to be a friend of an…

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  • Chim Chimeny, Chim Chim Cherooo

    Chim Chimeny, Chim Chim Cherooo

    As Cadets at the Salvation Army college we have the privilige of meeting a lot of officers. Some newly commissioned, some old in the game and some retired. What strikes me is how many of these officers seem to be burnt out and jaded. I do understand that being a Salvation Army Officer is hard…

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  • Practical agnosticism

    Practical agnosticism

    One of the things that really get me is how we (as in Christians in general but in the Salvation Army in particular) seem to live out practical agnosticism. It crops up everywhere, in class we are taking about sermon prep and how to get inspiration for sermons. I just assume that God is our…

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  • What a faithful God have I

    What a faithful God have I

    It is amazing how God deals with us. Today I was stood in the kitchen washing dishes when it came to me that God has truly been healing me the last week, the last month, but then I realized that it was not just healing it was forgiveness, and the healing that comes from realizing…

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