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  • What was stolen.

    What was stolen.

    It is Saturday night, I am standing at the camp fire talking to some men about how it came to be that I went to Bootcamp. I tell the story of how I came by the book (“Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul” (John Eldredge)) quite by accident and how God…

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  • Wild at heart: Bootcamp UK 2010

    Wild at heart: Bootcamp UK 2010

    I was just a little bit nervous as I set out on the journey to Wales. I was not prepared, I hadn’t prayed much leading up to this trip, I hadn’t read anything to prepare me. I was a mess. At the same time I knew that whatever I was in for I already knew…

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  • Reviving the quest.

    Reviving the quest.

    It has again been a long time since i updated this site. This is not due to lost interest in things chivalrous or that I have abandoned the quest for knighthood. This has been a time of facing up to the latest challenge, stepping out into my calling, my purpose, my dream to create a…

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