This is a follow up to this post on the gay pride parade in Riga.

So everyone is talking about it, will there be a gay pride parade in Riga 2006? I am apalled at the stance the Christian churches in Latvia are taking to this. The Christian protesters are spreading hatred at town hall where they are marching against the gay organisations right to march. Isn’t it funny how easy it comes to some to take away the rights of someone the rights oneself take for granted.

What is even more embarassing is that the gay comunity is really taking the high ground here, saying that if they are not given permission to march they will absolutely not have an illegal march. Allthewhile the Christians are gathering several hours before their permit to demonstrate and thus breaking the law where the gay comunity refuses to break the law. All this according to LETA.

So today as I led morning prayer we read Matthew 5:43-48. The Bible makes it so abundantly clear. Even if the gay community where the evil, conspiring, master minds they are made out to be (and I do not believe they are, sure there are some rotten eggs in that comunity, but I have seen some pretty screwed up soldiers.) even so our course of action is clear, Love, do good towards, bless, pray for!

And heres the kicker, Jesus sais be ye perfect, the aramaic word Jesus is using is telios wich means purpose. So what Jesus is saying is fullfill your purpose, so what is our purpose? To love, and be loved!

Our purpose in life is to be loved by God and to spread that love to our fellow human beings no matter what state of sin or bliss they might live in! Judgement will come on judgement day and it is God who will preside over that with 100% truth, justice and grace. {{Our only job, our only purpose is to Love God with all our strength our heart and our mind and to love our neighbor as our selves}} (Mark 12:30-31). If we do anything less we are missing our purpose, missing our target and that is what we call sin.

In short whenever we commit actions that are not actions of love towards our neighbor or in this case our gay neighbor we are sinning, wich makes us not one iota better than these, who would alegedly destroy Latvian familly values, at least  according to som pop culture and political profiles commenting on the gay pride march.

We need to act in the oppsoite spirit to the world. When the world is selfish, we need to be generous; When the world is hating, we must be caring; When the world condems, we need to liberate and above all we must fulfill our purose and spread the light divine, the love of Jesus to everyone in our vicinity. If my supperior officer hadn’t forbidden it I would put on my uniform and march with these people to show that even tho we might not agree with their lifestyle or even their sexuality, we stand in solidarity with them as fellow human beings and gods creations.

The least I can do is to stand up and echo the plea from the gay rights organization Mozaika who

“…urges Latvia’s Christian congregations to strictly condemn all calls for violence and terrorism-like threats that have been voiced recently.” and also “…urge religious leaders not to ignore threats of terrorism and violence, but to urge people to live in peace and harmony,”

this statement as reported by LETA.

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