I was watching the latest episode of Battlestar galactica, and a very short conversation between Adama and Sharon (actually there was several good conversations between the two) struck me.

Sharon: Sir, How do you know you can trust me?

Adama: I don’t, that’s what trust is…

In todays society we like to be sure, we want to know before we bet everything else is gambling and we are not willing to risk it. But this is what being a Christian is all about, to choose to trust God before you know that He will do what the Bible sais He will. Like [[Søren Kierkegaard]] said to believe is to throw yourself of a cliff not knowing if God will catch you.

We need to trust before we have been given reason to, it is scary, but in the end oh so rewarding. This also applies to people, when we trust them we build trustworthyness in them. Just by trusting somebody and letting them know you trust them, you will make them want to honor your faith in them!

Yes being trusting can give you a mental black eye or two, but I’d rather be naive and truting, than untrusting and in the end alone.

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