As much as I try to deny it I am a true geek in all the senses of the word, and I have tried to keep technical (IT) blog posts of this blog andkept it all on a secret blog out there but alas, time to cave in and show my true colors so I have now migrated into this blog under the category techspeak.

This weekend I have been home sick and have had some time to geek out with my computer, I started out with upgrading to the new Ubuntu release Edgy, and with a brand new install I am happy, after that I went to fix Angelinas computer wich used to be a debian/freevo hack and installed the brand new GeexBox 1.0 with wich I am duly impressed it’s a no click no worries media powerhouse!!

So here we are all geeked out, now if I can only make a new geexbox theme…

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