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Preaching at Metro tonight, 2007-04-10

Time to appear at Metro again today, they have been bugging me for months that I should come back and preach at their youth event again but as they have their youth night when we have SSG practice it just wont happen that often.

This week however I decided to go!

I have been asked to teach about timeplanning, which I really hate to do. Anyone can just pick up a book on how to make short term, mid term, long term goals and swallowing the ugliest frog first. No I wont do it tonight either, so I am speaking about Mans time and Gods time, how can a temporal being stuck in the flow of time relate to an eternal God, How can we step outside of space and time and join God.

Come to METRO tonight and find out!

Here is the powerpoint from the METRO evening.

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