The College has come alive again with the Prayer Warriors invading the campus and all the Witnesses returning from placement 4. The Warriors seems to be a good natured and fun filled session and we are looking forward to much interaction with them over the next year.

The campus is buzzing with stories of the placements and talk of our next placement. I heard the following conversation in the hallway yesterday

M: What’s in the envelope

D: Placement five

M: Cool where are you going?

D: Sainsbury’s!

Welcome weekend is finally here and we have started on the next stage of our journey towards officership. School starts with inductions and song practice just like last year. only slightly truncated as we get going with a full schedule allready second week.

his week we started practicing the sessional song again with Nicola leading the practice, what a difference! For the first time I really enjoyed song practice and for the first time the song came to life and actually spoke to my heart about who we are as a session and who we want to be as officers.

Anyways, my last sermon at Southwark was also a tribute to our session and a passionate plea for everyone to be the gospel! You can listen to it here.

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